Healing with Crystals   by Pamela Chase and Jonathan Pawlik

Healers, shamans, and spiritual seekers from ancient to modern times have utilized the healing properties of clear quartz crystals. The silicon dioxide molecules of clear quartz crystal have the ability to transform a mechanical pressure to an electrical frequency, which is called the piezoelectric effect. The power of computers to store data is based on this effect, as well as other properties of the silicon chip.

The human energy system described by the acupuncture meridians, chakras, and the aura, also responds to the ability of clear quartz crystal to transmit, transform, amplify, and store energy.

Healing with Crystals is an easy-to-follow introduction to using clear quartz crystals for personal and spiritual growth. The book describes how to develop your intuitive connection with the crystal by using a pendulum, so that you can determine how you choose and care for your crystals to make them work best for you. The book also suggests some simple ways to balance your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy. Although the methods are simple, the effects can be profound. The keys are the quality of the relationship that you have with the crystal, and your commitment to your personal and spiritual transformation.

Healing with Crystals is a sensitive and heart-centered book, intended to deepen your understanding of the Spiritual Consciousness of nature, and how you can align yourself with that Consciousness in order to heal yourself and others, and the planet. Working with crystals is a meditative practice, and its benefits are those that have been documented in studies on meditation, including better health, reduced stress, increased mental clarity, emotional healing, and a deeper understanding of the meaning of your life.

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