Healing with Gemstones   by Pamela Chase and Jonathan Pawlik

Are you a "stone person?" Stone people often had rock collections when they were children, and they love to browse on beaches collecting pebbles. Do you carry stones in your pockets, or are there beautiful rocks sharing a corner of your desk? If stones give you pleasure and inspiration, then this book is for you.

Healing with Gemstones is a clear and heart-centered guide on how to use over 80 gemstones for personal and spiritual transformation. This book was written during a period of intense solitude and healing, where the authors were guided to explore the concept that every physical form including rocks has a spiritual Consciousness.

The first section of the book emphasizes that attuning to gemstones involves developing your own intuition about the qualities of gemstones and how they are working in your body, mind and spirit. To get you started, you will find suggestions on how to use a pendulum to assist you in choosing and caring for gemstones. The authors then describe five perspectives that they use for viewing gemstone energy: color, sound, the chakras, the 3-step healing process, and the four elements.

The central focus of the book is the second section, which includes a description for each stone of its physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual qualities, a Devic channeling, and affirmation for each stone.

The third section describes how to make gem essences and give more suggestions on working with gemstones for healing. The book concludes with a message from the Overlighting Deva for Planet Earth, which invites us to co-create with nature in ways that create balance for all life forms.

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