Kitchen Witch's Guide to Divination   by Patricia Telesco

Finding, Crafting and Using Fortune-Telling Tools From Around Your Home

Divination is a time-honored tradition that has appeared all over the world in many different forms. Early diviners acted in a role similar to modern counselors, their task to provide alternative perspectives and hope. Today, each of us is our own priest and priestess, counselor and guide. Anyone with the right intentions and concentration can learn to make or adapt their own divination tools, then use them to gather the insight they most need.

Wouldn't all of us like an occasional peek into the future-to see if that blind date's going to flop or fly, to make the right decision about an important career change, to choose the right school for our children? Unfortunately, today's world is such that the only thing on which we can depend is change. But the good news is that we can learn to awaken and empower our natural divinatory abilities and get a better perspective on life's perplexities.

The Kitchen Witch's Guide to Divination shows you how. It explains what divination is, how it works, and how to choose or design divination systems successfully. Once you have a clear understanding of this concept, you'll examine some home-based, handy divination methods that are simple to learn and utilize, whether you're in the kitchen, backyard, office, or even on the road.

Through these methods, you'll "see" the present more clearly and learn how to "peek into" future possibilities. When you find life moving too quickly, when situations seem chaotic and confusing, or when you just need a different outlook, you'll find the Kitchen Witch's Guide to Divination a welcome helpmate.

Then cast your stones, read your cards, light a candle, or roll the dice. Your understanding of-and appreciation for-the simple truths evidenced in everything from the stars above to the earth beneath your feet will grow proportionately-along with your questing spirit.

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