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Tarot cards have been used throughout history by Witches, Occultists, Fortune Tellers, and people of all backgrounds to foresee the future, gain insight into problems, and seek guidance and advice.

There are many different forms of Tarot in the world, including decks such as "Golden Dawn", "Tree of Life", "Rider-Waite", "The Witch's Tarot", "Thoth", and "Balbi". While the illustrations of each vary most dramatically from deck to deck, appearance is usually the only major difference. The creative artistry of each card often directly affects one's choice in Tarot card decks. The more simplistic the artistry, the more appealing to beginners. To the adept, a more advanced and in-depth illustration, such as the "Thoth" deck, becomes the attraction. Besides illustrations, decks also vary in interpretations and meanings. Some decks have completely different meanings for some cards, and sometimes even different names for them.

Although this on-line Tarot card reading is computer generated, it can still be as effective as a live reading, depending on your spiritual awareness and acceptance. The Abaxion Tarot card reader uses 78 cards in both their upright and reversed positions. This offers 156 different card meanings and millions of combinations. We have done our best to create an online reader that can simulate the performance of a real deck and offer plenty of information about each card (and each reversed card) as it appears.

Disclaimer: Abaxion takes no responsibility for the outcomes of your personal tarot card readings and the actions you take based on those readings. Use this tarot card reader at your own risk.

We hope that you enjoy the tarot card reader and find it a useful tool in your life journey. Please email us at if you have any difficulty, or if you would just like to let us know what you think.

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