The Tarot is one of the most valued and oft-used divinatory tools of modern witches and occultists. The exact origin and purpose of the Tarot are not known; the cards may have evolved out of the Hermetica of ancient Egypt and Greece. Others believed they were fragments of an ancient Egyptian book or the 'Book of THOTH'. The Tarot is two decks within one: a major arcana, which consists of 22 cards, each of which appears to represent an archetype of the human psyche; and a minor arcana, which consists of 56 cards and is the prototype of todays today's ordinary playing cards. Each of the 22 major arcana has its own symbolic meaning. The suits of the minor arcana have numerous correspondences, such as to the elements, the cardinal points, the four letters of the Tetragrammaton, Yod He Vau He, the four seasons, endeavors, emotions and so on.

Mythic Tarot

The worldwide bestselling tarot deck with more than 1,000,000 copies in print. Drawing on characters & stories from Greek mythology, this deck offers an imaginative & accessible approach to classic Tarot. Each suit depicts archetypal characters -- such as the heroic Odysseus, the Earth Mother Demeter, & Athena, the goddess of justice -- & every card tells a well known mythical story. Rich with psychological insight, these mythical legends provide the wisdom & the insight we seek for personal growth. Included in this beautifully designed kit is an elegant, colorfully illustrated deck of cards; a reading guide, complete with information on how Tarot works, the meaning of each card, & how to conduct readings; a black silk cloth for use in readings, outlined with the classic Celtic cross spread. Appealing for both beginning & experienced Tarot readers, The Mythic Tarot will stimulate your curiosity & offer you an endless source of fresh insight & intuitive guidance.

Item #: TARR126, Price: $25.00

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