Athames (also known as ritual knives) are a witches personal, magical knife. In neo-pagan witchcraft the athame is used only for casting the circle, and never for cutting. Other older traditions use the knife as much as possible in the belief that its power increases with use. The athame is associated with the element of fire (in some traditions, air). The athame is also used in many invocations, evocations, calling the watchtowers, LBRP (lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram), spellwork, ceremonies, initiation, and various rituals and rites.

Blessed Be Athame

This 8 inch ritual athame is a wonderful addition to any altar. At the end of a wooden handle shaped to fit comfortably into the palm of your hand is a 4 inch long stainless steel blade that runs 1 inch wide before tapering sharply at the end to a fine point. Just above the handle, the metal of the blade flares out to a width of 1 inch, creating a crescent shaped cross guard, decorated with a pewter image of the moon inscribed with the words 'Blessed be,' and accented with a pentagram. Coming with a black leather sheath that snaps closed around the handle, and has a belt loop for ease of carrying, this athame is perfect for those rituals requiring a trek into the woods as well as those that take place at indoor altars.

Due to the size and shape of this piece, by ordering you are certifying that you are over the age of 18.

Item #: TF219, Price: $29.99

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