Natural Resin Incenses

These natural resin incenses each carry a potent and mesmerizing aroma. Great for use in rituals, ceremonies and spells, along with general home use. Approx. 3 oz. Available in the scents below:

Price: $6.99 each

Heaven Scent
for use with any white magic purpose
Item # TF222-01
Good Luck
for general good luck, money spells, financial matters, etc.
Item # TF222-02
Black Magic
for use in the dark arts
Item # TF222-03
Divine Blessing
for blessing, healing and general charging
Item # TF222-04
Dragon's Blood
natural resin dragon's blood
Item # TF222-05
traditional ceremonial blend
Item # TF222-06
natural myrrh resin
Item # TF222-07
Benzoin Sumatra
benzoin sumatra natural resin
Item # TF222-08
Benzoin Siam
benzoin siam natural resin
Item # TF222-09
Silver Rain
great for representing the elements or quarters
Item # TF222-10
natural frankincense resin
Item # TF222-11
copal natural resin
Item # TF222-12
Forest Blend
great to represent the Greenman, God of Nature, or general nature use
Item # TF222-13
Celtic Blend
a mystic blend of the celtic
Item # TF222-14
for peace, happiness, harmony, etc.
Item # TF222-15
Egyptian Blend
a high order blend of the Egyptians
Item # TF222-16

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