The cup (also chalice, goblet) is associated with the female forces in the universe: fertility, beauty, the womb, earth, emotion, love, compassion, receptivity, instinct, intuition and the subconscious mind. It is the receptacle of spiritual forces. It is associated with the element of water. Held upright, the cup is the open womb, ready to receive. Held inverted, it symbolizes birth and realization. The chief purpose for the cup in neo-pagan witchcraft is to assist in concencrating the circle, toast the gods, spellcasting, scrying, and ritual work.

The Harvest Chalice

Sculpted with breathtaking detail, this delightful chalice is wonderfully crafted of cold cast resin. Standing 8 3/8 inches high, its base is a rounded disc etched with the symbols of the zodiac, while the roots of a tree stretch out over its top surface. These roots grow into the stem, a straight-trunked tree that, near the base of the cup, becomes the horned and bearded face of the God. The cup that blossoms from the top is engraved with images of flowers and foliage, which often grows into human faces or human-like bodies, giving personality to the spirits believed to reside within. The cup's mouth, 4 inches in diameter, is rimmed as well with various magickal markings, making this Chalice an enchanting piece indeed for any altar or home. This chalice is not drink safe and should be used for display or ritual only.

Item #: TF390, Price: $19.95

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