Jewelry can be of great importance to practitioners of religion. Much like a uniform, the things that you wear, whether it be a simple pin or an elaborate ensemble, can be the symbol of transformation between your humanity and your astral existence.

Animal Totem Necklaces

Totems can be a means of alignment with other levels of being, allowing us to tap into the conscious awareness of other life forces. The use of totems can aid us in expanding our own personal knowledge of the animal kingdom in ways that are similar, rather than unlike ourselves. Awaken your inner senses by intuitively choosing the totem that's right for you!

Each totem measures 1 1/4 inches in diameter. They are crafted in pewter, and each comes with a black cord and information card.

Price: $14.99 each

Totem Necklace
Item#: TF526-ARM

Personal Protection, Discrimination, Empathy

Totem Necklace
Item#: TF526-BAD

Self-Expression, Reliance, Keeper of Stories

~ BEAR ~
Totem Necklace
Item#: TF526-BEA

Powerful, Strong, Awakening the Power of the Unconscious

Totem Necklace
Item#: TF526-BOB

Agile, Clever, Cunning

Totem Necklace
Item#: TF526-BUF

Sacredness, Prosperity

Totem Necklace
Item#: TF526-COY

Wisdom, Folly

~ DOE ~
Totem Necklace
Item#: TF526-DOE

Gentleness, Innocence

Totem Necklace
Item#: TF526-EAG

Illumination of Spirit, Healing, Creation

Totem Necklace
Item#: TF526-FAL

New Beginnings, Adventure, Passion, Leadership, Accuracy, Rapid Progress, Restraint

Totem Necklace
Item#: TF526-GRO

Visionary, Solitary

~ LION ~
Totem Necklace
Item#: TF526-LIO

Assertion of the Feminine, Power of the Female Sun

~ OWL ~
Totem Necklace
Item#: TF526-OWL

Seeing Through Deception

Totem Necklace
Item#: TF526-PAN

Reclaiming One's True Powder

Totem Necklace
Item#: TF526-RAV

Magic, Shapeshifting, Creation

~ STAG ~
Totem Necklace
Item#: TF526-STA

Rebirth, Hunter, Prowess

Totem Necklace
Item#: TF526-TIG

Fierce Loyalty, Strength, Protective

Totem Necklace
Item#: TF526-WIL

Strength, Aggressiveness

~ WOLF ~
Totem Necklace
Item#: TF526-WOL

Guardianship, Loyalty

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