A Witch Alone
by Marian Green

Many witches do not belong to covens but follow a different solo branch of our magical heritage; the path of the storybook wizard, the wise woman, the hermit, the folk healer, the druid, or the shaman. Working alone, they connect deeply with nature, talk to the trees, follow the patterns of the sun and the moon, and feel the changing energies of the year's turning cycle.

Anyone can learn something of their magical powers. The ancient arts and spells are there to be rediscovered, given patience, common sense, and a longing to know. You can heal yourself, gain peace from stress, and find ways of coping with the turmoils of modern life. You can also do good for others, learn to heal with herbs, see into the future, and recover the treasures of wisdom from the past.

Item #: TF560, Price: $16.95

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