Witchcraft and the Book of Shadows
by Gerald Gardner

A Book of Shadows is the individual Witch's record of the Rites, Rituals and Rules of the Craft, and according to Gardner, the correct form of a Book of Shadows is one the Witch has copied from another Witch.

Gardnerian Witches hold strictly to the system of copying in the above way, endeavouring not to change the content or Rituals. Alexandrians and others feel that a Book of Shadows should contain all the Rites and Rituals that the individual has performed, as well as the spells or magics they have worked, together with other information which is of reference to the Craft.

What we have here is a definitive record of the practises of Wicca by the man who founded the Gardnerian branch of the Craft, and through his efforts, is known as the 'Father of Modern Witchcraft' and for that he deserves the acknowledgement of every generation of Witch, past, present and future.

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