Since the earliest times in all known civilizations, man has looked to supernatural sources for help and advice, in personal affairs. In some civilizations throughout history, divination has been performed only by special classes of priests or priestesses who were trained in their methods and interpretations. Divination is the act of fortelling the future, finding objects and people and determining guilt by means of information obtained from signs, omens, dreams, visions and divinatory tools.

Titania's Crystal Ball Set

Celebrated since antiquity for its harmonious shape and qualities of dispersing light, a crystal sphere is a favorite object for Feng Shui and divination. This luxurious starter kit is a wonderful introduction for anyone interested in learning about crystal scrying. It contains an authentic crystal ball with a 64-page booklet which contains exercises for developing an affinity with the globe and a guide to interpreting what you see in it. The package also contains a ring-stand for the ball and some suggested further uses.

Item #: TF590, Price: $18.95

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