Candle holders come in a variety of shapes and designs, they are used for the altar and around the home. Many people say that candles lit in ones home pleases the fire elementals and brings good fortune to the aura of the house. The Abaxion collection of candle holders was picked by the symbolism and representation that each holder presents.

Pentagram Altar Holder

The pentacle is a symbol representing the ability to bring the spirit to Earth - The Tip represents the Higher mind (The Spirit) ruling over the lower elements of our body. Its 2 grounded feet show the stability and capacity to work with matter and the arms wide open represent an open heart ready to share with others. The pentacle represents the perfect human with the 5 virtues: Love, Wisdom, Truth, Justice, Kindness. The circle symbolize unity and wholeness. the pentacle looks like the core of an apple where life lies and holds the seeds. This amazing holder is a pentacle or pentagram candle altar and is a wonderful altar tool! 2.5 x 6 inches.

Item #: TM091, Price: $16.99

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