This is Gaia, Mother Earth in all her raw and fertile splendor. Great-Breasted nurturer, great-bellied giver of life, she was dubbed the Venus of Willendorf by archeologists who discovered her near that locale in Austria. Noteworthy are her impersonal, featureless face, the dynamism of her curling hair, the profoundly regal sureness of her posture. The strippling or indentations on the surface of the goddess are found on the original. She is one of the earliest religious images of the Mother Goddess.

Willendorf with Pouch Statue

Symbol of the the Earth Mother. I am the great mother Goddess. All races and creatures are my Children. All time is my domain, my body is the earth. Revere the Sacred power of Feminine Divinity. Comes with carrying pouch. This 3.5" tall Statuette is made of Gypsum Cement.

Item #: TM102, Price: $14.99

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