The cup (also chalice, goblet) is associated with the female forces in the universe: fertility, beauty, the womb, earth, emotion, love, compassion, receptivity, instinct, intuition and the subconscious mind. It is the receptacle of spiritual forces. It is associated with the element of water. Held upright, the cup is the open womb, ready to receive. Held inverted, it symbolizes birth and realization. The chief purpose for the cup in neo-pagan witchcraft is to assist in concencrating the circle, toast the gods, spellcasting, scrying, and ritual work.

Green Onyx Chalice Set

This set of chalices is a uniquely beautiful addition to any home or sacred space. Sculpted entirely of Green Onyx, each chalice is an absolute marvel of craftsmanship, presenting sharp lines and graceful, sweeping curves that give the cups a sort of elegance that one rarely associates with stone. While this alone would make them a prized addition to an altar, ceremony, or magical rite, there is the additional benefit that Green Onyx has a long tradition of being a stone useful in helping to achieve success, as well as otherwise being used in grounding energy to aid in healing. These properties can be transferred to whatever is kept within the chalice, or otherwise used to help empower your ritual magic.

Each chalice measures approximately 7 3/4 inches tall and 2 3/4 inches in diameter at its widest point, and is carved into a simple design where its narrow mouth flares out to a wider cup and then tapers back to a cylindrical stem and flat, disk shaped base. Made of one piece of green onyx, each chalice has its own unique pattern within the stone, displaying the waves of layered green, white, and burgundy coloring.

To aid with safe transportation and storage of these wonderful pieces, these chalices come in a blue, velveteen box that closes with two clasps, helping to ensure that they do not rattle, shake, or otherwise suffer damage from spills and bumps.

These chalices will only be available for a limited time. Get them while you can!

Item #: UT020, Price: $69.99

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