Dragons are known for their power, force, beauty and grace. In mythology the legendary dragon has been known to hold magical powers for good and evil.

Deluxe Dragon Claw Necklaces

Since ancient times, color has been used in magic, healing, and religion. Each color is a distinct vibrational level of the primordial essence and crystallized energy is the matter that makes up our universe including ourselves. Each color causes our energy to resonate with it's particular vibration, imparting helpful effects to one's personality, emotions, and thoughts. Crafted in pewter, each claw is 1-3/8 inches high by 3/4 inch wide. The following are the characteristics radiated by each color:

Price: $11.99 each

Item # UT138-BL
Provides power with widsom. Increases strength both mentally and physically. Brings self-control for that rebel within you.

Item # UT138-CL
Channels energy. Promotes spiritual illumination. Allows you to see past, present and future with a pure mind.

Item # UT138-RE
Brings joy and passion to your life. Prevents you from being struck by lightening. Gives victory in battle.

Item # UT138-AM
Brings good luck for gambling, protection from negative or evil foreces. Increases magical strength.

Item # UT138-GR
The mystic color. Heals all illness. Brings prosperity and success. Attracts money.

Light Blue
Item # UT138-LB
Represents all the sky gods. Enhances creativity and self expression. Brings you divine communication with everything and everyone. Perfect for the writer, poet or singer.

Deep Blue
Item # UT138-DB
Brings harmony and understanding. Enhances healing. Increases extrasensory perception by opening the third eye. Perfect for any healer, teacher, artist or poet.

Item # UT138-PU
Increases cosmic consciousness and spiritual attainment. Brings divine radiance. Relieves depression and headaches. Cures hair problems. Asures never having a bad hair day.

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