Santeria Orisha
Herbal Baths

These Orisha aromatic bath herbs are specific to each Orisha.

Directions: Boil contents in 2 quarts of water, strain mixture and pour liquid into half tub of water. Mix well and stay in tub for about 7 minutes while bathing and reflecting on desires and connecting with the Orisha.

The following Orisha herbal baths are available: Chango, Elegua, Obatala, Ochosi, Ogun, Orunla, Oshun, Oya and Yemaya

Price: $2.99 each

CHANGO     Item # UT143-CH
Patron Saint of fire, lightning, thunder and power. Chango brings victory over your enemies and all difficulties. Use Chango bath herbs for domination and strength in all matters.
Identification: Saint Barbara
Feast Day: December 4th
Numbers: 4 and 6
Colors: Red and White

ELEGUA     Item # UT143-EL
The messenger of the Orishas and guardian of the doors; without him, nothing can be accomplished. Use Elegua bath herbs daily to keep away evil.
Identification: Holy Infant of Atocha
Feast Day: January 1st
Numbers: 3 and 21
Colors: Red and Black

OBATALA     Item # UT143-OB
The king of the white cloth, a symbol of peace and purity. He is also the father of mankind and the messenger of Olofi.
Identification: Our Lady of Mercy
Feast Day: September 24th
Numbers: 8 and all its multiples
Color: White

OCHOSI     Item # UT143-OC
Use his power to purchase a new house or business and to move to a new location.
Identification: Saint Norbert
Feast Day: June 6th
Number: 3
Days of the Week: Monday, Wednesday
and the 4th of each month
Colors: Violet, Red, Green and Blue

OGUN     Item # UT143-OG
Patron Saint of metals and all working people. He is the overseer of policemen, soldiers and doctors.
Identification: Saint Peter
Feast Day: June 29th
Numbers: 3 and 7
Days of the Week: Tuesday, Wednesday
and the 4th of each month
Colors: Green and Black

ORUNLA     Item # UT143-OR
Patron Saint of the Babalawo, the highest priest of Santeria.
Identification: Saint Francis of Asis
Feast Day: October 4th
Number: 16
Days of the Week: Everyday
Colors: Green and Yellow

OSHUN     Item # UT143-OS
Patron Saint of Cuba. She controls all that makes life worth living, such as love, marriage and happiness. Use Oshun bath herbs for good luck when gambling, to draw money, or for fertility problems.
Identification: Mother of Charity
Feast Day: September 8th
Numbers: 5 and all multiples of 5
Colors: Yellow and Amber

OYA     Item # UT143-OY
The Goddess of cemeteries. Using her machete or sword of truth, she cuts through stagnation and cleans the way for new growth.
Identification: Our Lady of Candlemas
Feast Day: February 9
Day of the Week: Friday
Colors: All Colors except black. Her main color is wine.

YEMAYA     Item # UT143-YE
This beloved Orisha is seen in the ocean waters and as the supernal mother. She is the giver of all life and the sustenance of the world.
Identification: Our Lady of Regla
Feast Day: September 7th
Day of the Week: Saturday
Colors: Crystal and Blue

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