Jewelry can be of great importance to practitioners of religion. Much like a uniform, the things that you wear, whether it be a simple pin or an elaborate ensemble, can be the symbol of transformation between your humanity and your astral existence.

The Enlightenment Necklace

This Original concept contains two powerful Symbols of Enlightenment: The Lotus Blossom and the Aum Symbol.

The Lotus has been used for millenia as a symbol of the Flowering of Conciousness from the muck of the Material World. With its roots in the mud, the lotus rises through the murky water to blossom clean and bright, symbolizing purity, resurrection, and the enlightened being who emerges undefiled from the chaos and illusion of the world.

The eight-pedaled lotus symbolizes cosmic harmony, and the thousand-pedaled lotus, spiritual illumination. In Egyptian mythology, the lotus was associated with the Sun, because it blooms by day and closes by night. The lotus also symbolizes rebirth and serves to remind us of the miracle of beauty, light and life, and to communicate an understanding of the Tao and our place in the world.

Above the Lotus, as if it's fragrance, is the Aum symbol. The Aum pictogram can be seen as a Bow with the Arrow of Spirit taking flight on a Spiritual Quest. The creator of this design, Chris Bennett, put it thus: 'Our Soul becomes like an arrow in flight though the barrier of our limitations to the source of the all-unfolding flow of creation called Aum.'

Crafted in excelsior pewter and comes with a black adjustable cord and a booklet describing the design. Approx. 1-1/8 inch high by 1 inch wide.

Item #: UT151, Price: $19.99

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