The Book of Shadows: a book of beliefs, rituals, Witchcraft laws and ethics, herbal & healing lore, incantations, invocations, evocations, chants, dances, spells, divination, sabbats and miscellaneous topics which serves as a guide for Witches in practicing their craft and religion. There is no definitive Book of Shadows for Witchcraft in general; each tradition may or may not have a standard Book of Shadows, which is usually added to or adapted by separate covens or individuals.

Morrigan Leather Book of Shadows

Covered in magickal symbols, Celtic spirals and knots, and imagery traditionally associated with the Celtic goddess of prophecy, death, war, and even fertility, Morrigan, this massive, leather-bound blank book belongs in the sacred space every witch, occultist, or student of the metaphysical. It's thick, sturdy cover has been hand stitched and tooled from leather to create this dazzling array of mystical imagery, specifically intended to inspire as you pen your Book of Shadows.

The front cover depicts a three crows, flying in a circle around a central pentagram created in a pattern of woven Celtic knots, all overlapping a backdrop of spirals, full moons, and other intricate Celtic imagery. The back cover is no less elaborate, portraying a crescent moon stylized within Celtic design so that it blends seamlessly with the image of a rising crow; all of this within a radiant sun, and surrounded by different triskele patterns and old, Celtic imagery as borders.

With its corners protected by brass caps, all of this enfolds an astounding 3 inch thick book of blank, unlined pages, all of which have been created using recycled biomass, and are acid free, making it perfect both for your writing as well as your sketches, runes, and calligraphy. Measuring approximately 8 1/2 inches wide and 10 inches long, it contains approximately 500 pages, providing enough space within your Book of Shadows for you to pen all of your magickal workings.

Item #: UT161, Price: $124.99

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