In neo-Pagan witchcraft the God and Goddess are the divine forces and the very essence of the craft, they are the Great Father and Great Mother whose limitless energy brings forth all life. They embody the living biosphere of the planet and the forces of the elements; they are the creators and destroyers. She, The Goddess, is the Queen of Heaven, she is the moon, the source of magical power; she is emotion, intuition and the pyschic faculty. He, The God, is the sun, the source of masculine energy; he is the raw force, wisdom and law.

Medusa Bronze Necklace

This sculpted bronze pendant depicts the head of Medusa. In Greek lore, Medusa was a creature called a Gorgoon, whose hideous visage included the snakes that coiled around her head as hair for which she is most well known. All who looked upon her directly were said to turn be turned to stone until the clever warrior Perseus slew her. It was said he then removed her head and used it as a weapon until giving it to the goddess Athena, to place upon her shield.

In Ancient Greece, the symbol of the Medusa head was frequently depicted to help keep away evil and bad luck. It was found on everything from stone carvings, the paint upon shields, vases, and even coins.

Wear this amulet to chase evil out of your life or simply capture a bit of the way of the Ancients. Measuring approximately 2 1/2 inches in length, this pendant has been sculpted entirely of bronze and comes upon a 24 inch long black cord.

Item #: UT280, Price: $35.95

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