Dragons are known for their power, force, beauty and grace. In mythology the legendary dragon has been known to hold magical powers for good and evil.

The Drunken Dragon Necklace

The Gaelic Myth: Every year, when the spring Moon of Beltane is full, two fierce Dragons appeared setting ablaze the kingdoms villages and farms during a tremendous fight... 'Open the casks!' the King shouted, 'Open them all. Hurry men, take a draught for ye selves, and another fer luck, drink fer bravery, to help us survive this hellish night!'

The king ran to the trap. Inside the deep pit was an immense stone vault. Villagers were pouring into it all the honey mead and ale within the kingdom. When the last drop of mead was in the vault, the king ordered the trap to be covered. Soon they heard the Dragons' piercing screams, and saw waves of flames shoot across the sky. Throughout the night the two ancient beasts viciously fought. Finally they landed near the trap. Suddenly one dragon pounced and both tumbled into the pit! The powerful drink soon overwhelmed them. The men sealed the drunken dragons within, ending centuries of terror. The stone chest with the captive dragons was then taken and buried under what is now called Oxford, England's center of knowledge.

Symbolizes Fertility, Earth Energy, Dragon Power.

Crafted in lead-free pewter. Comes with a 36 inch cord with a lead free accent bead as well as an informational booklet with this story.

Item #: UT375, Price: $19.99

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