The wand is the instrument of invocation of spirits. In most traditions, the wand represents the element of fire (in other traditions, earth, air, water or spirit) and symbolizes the life-force within the Witch. The wand dates back to prehistoric times. The Greek god Hermes is represented with a caduceus, a wand entwined with snake and winged top, a symbol of power, wisdom and healing.

Sacred Owl Wand

The Sacred Owl or Owl Guardian Wand is a perfect Magic Wand for those who seek the wisdom, stealth, vision and silent powers of the Owl. This is a Wand of protection and magical vision. Owls have always represented the wise and the mystical realms of communication, divination and prophecy. Strong is the spirit of the Owl, and wise is the heart of the Owl.

This beautiful Owl Magic Wand holds a clear crystal sphere that represents the Moon. The Wand's shaft is Walnut, and on the bottom of the Wand shaft there is a Crescent Moon. Approx. 11 inches.

Item #: UT455, Price: $47.99

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