In neo-Pagan witchcraft the God and Goddess are the divine forces and the very essence of the craft, they are the Great Father and Great Mother whose limitless energy brings forth all life. They embody the living biosphere of the planet and the forces of the elements; they are the creators and destroyers. She, The Goddess, is the Queen of Heaven, she is the moon, the source of magical power; she is emotion, intuition and the pyschic faculty. He, The God, is the sun, the source of masculine energy; he is the raw force, wisdom and law.

Moon Goddess Luna Pendant

The moon holds within her the totality of the feminine experience. The visible cycles of the moon mirror those of a woman - maiden, mother, and crone.

The crone, like the moon, contains the knowledge of the others before it. Therefore, the moon's connection with superstition and fear of the dark is but a reflection of the dark old crone who can foretell death and whose age makes her both venerated and feared.

The moon is considered a luminary, but she produces no light of her own accord. She is reliant upon the sun's light to mirror her image to our earthly eyes. As a mirror that reflects the light of the sun, so too the moon reflects the mystery and fear within our souls. The mirror of the moon illuminates both the darkness of the night, our shadow part and the blue day sky, our conscious selves.

Luna represents psychic skills and the powerful magic of women's cycles and seasons. Luna, the Moon Goddess Pendant, is a perfect piece for meditation. It can be used when visualizing, creating and manifesting change, and for illuminating magical and wondrous possibilities. Luna's flowing hair is adorned with a glistening crescent moon - her eyes closed as she explores her shadow self. The spiral adornments on her breasts celebrate the dynamic, eternal feminine energy and its ongoing change. Crafted in pewter, approx 1 inch.

Item #: UT729, Price: $19.99

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