The censer or incense burner in neo-pagan witchcraft is used for burning incense, herbs, wood and other substances, to cleanse and purify the air before rituals. Censing, which represents the element of air, exorcises and keeps unwanted energies away from the magic site; offers sweet air to the God and Goddess; raises vibrational rates and summons energies; relaxes the senses; and contains and concentrates power. The act of burning incense or other substances is also known as carrying our wishes up to the God and Goddess.

Pyramid Incense Burner Brass Temple

Great for anyone who enjoys Egyptian symbolism and the imagery of pyramids, this brass pyramid cone incense burner is an elegant piece for the altar and home. Raised upon four rounded legs, it offers a flat base that rises up to the hinged cap that has been sculpted into the image of the stone face of a pyramid, with the front facing punctuated by the Eye of Horus, and the reverse facing featuring six pyramid-shaped cut-outs for ventilation. Raise the lid to reveal eight pyramids forming a border around the central incense holder, helping to keep your incense securely in place.

Sculpted of brass, the entire cone incense burner measures 4 inches wide, 4 inches deep, and 2 1/4 inches tall, allowing it to easily be placed upon any altar.

Item #: UT732, Price: $28.95

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