Magic From Brazil
Recipes, Spells & Rituals

by Morwyn

Welcome to the World of Brazilian Magic!

Get ready to launch yourself on an incredible journey into a fascinating culture force and powerful magical system. Born in the turn-of-the-century Brazil, the vibrant magical religions of Umbanda, Macumba, Spiritism, and Candomblé combined ecstatic African traditions with European Spiritualism. They share much in common with Wicca, shamanism, and even ceremonial magic. Learn practices that you can incorporate into your own ritual workings. Call on the powers of the deites of the Afro-Brazilian pantheon. Practice Brazilian spellwork and rituals, trance and mediumship. Experience energies of tropical botanicals used in magic and healing. Sample Afro-Brazilian cuisine: the foods of the gods.

Item #: UT744, Price: $14.95

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