The wand is the instrument of invocation of spirits. In most traditions, the wand represents the element of fire (in other traditions, earth, air, water or spirit) and symbolizes the life-force within the Witch. The wand dates back to prehistoric times. The Greek god Hermes is represented with a caduceus, a wand entwined with snake and winged top, a symbol of power, wisdom and healing.

Chamber Wand

This Multi-Metal modular chamber wand is about nine inches long, depending on the size of the Himalayan crystal point. The front or the back of the wand can be removed to access the chamber.

Chambered wands can be filled with a variety of materials to enhance your practice. Choose stones or crystals to cleanse the energetic body and balance the chakras. Healers wishing to incorporate the energy of a patient's DNA into a healing can place cotton with saliva in the chamber of a wand, or can use the wand as a witness chamber for healing or divination work.

Wand chambers may also be used to hold spell components, bringing together the energy of your ingredients, the metal of the wand, and the energy of the gemstone point!

Item #: UT760, Price: $54.99

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