Voodoo dolls, a form of sympathetic magick, have been used in many forms since nearly the dawn of time. Prehistoric man was known for creating dolls of their prey to weaken them before hunting, kings and warriors of old utilized the power of these dolls against their enemies before battle and today, Voodoo practitioners and Witches alike use this symbolic magick to get quick & effective results for a variety of purposes. However, Voodoo dolls hold no magical powers in themselves, they are used as a tool to channel personal energies for a specific goal.

Voodoo Doll Spell Kits

We have put together a complete Voodoo Doll Spell Kit based on study and practice. Kits may vary from the picture shown - each comes with a doll, pin, candle, incense, powder, feather, talisman and various spells to use. Every person has a different purpose, so we have put together a most versatile package: You can choose from a variety of general purposes - Included with each kit designed for your general purpose is all you will need to perform whatever specific spell you wish. Below is a list of the different Voodoo doll spell kits available and some of the more popular spells that come with each of them:

Price: $16.95/each

Item # V050

Attract Love, Keep Someone Faithful, Bring Someone To You, Bring Back A Lost Love, and more...

Item # V051

Attract Money, Win At Gambling, Good Luck, Find A Job, and more...

Item # V054

Gain Friendships, Achieve Fame, Gain Charisma, Bring Back Old Friendships, and more...

Item # V056

Ease Pain, Healing, Quitting Bad Habits, Happiness, and more...

Item # V055

Thought Transference, Gain Psychic Powers, Astral Projection, Cause Psychic Dreams, and more...

Item # V057

Break A Curse, Protection From Harm, Psychic Shield, Clean the Aura, and more...

Item # V052

Hex Another, Cause Physcial Harm, Destroy Someone's Life, Break People Apart, and more...

Item # V053

Prevent Someone's Actions, Bind Someone To You, Make Someone Move Away, Bring Karma Upon Another, and more...

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