The wand is the instrument of invocation of spirits. In most traditions, the wand represents the element of fire (in other traditions, earth, air, water or spirit) and symbolizes the life-force within the Witch. The wand dates back to prehistoric times. The Greek god Hermes is represented with a caduceus, a wand entwined with a snake and winged top, a symbol of power, wisdom and healing.

Ritual Wands and Staffs

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Goddess Power Wand
Oak Magic Wand
Egyptian Cobra Scepter Wand
Shaman Wand

Wand Selections

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Pewter Dragon Wand
Dragon Wand Stand
Gargoyle Wand
Large Dragon Wand
Deluxe Dragon Staff/Cane
Winged Dragon Wand
Double Dragon Power Wand
Dragon Power Wand
Dragon Myst Wand
Large Wizard Wand
Pewter Fairy Wand
Pewter Fairy Wand Stand
Large Fairy Wand
Faery Light Wand
Fairy Garden Wand
Large Mermaid Wand
Fairy Star Copper Wand
Fairy Magick Wand
Spiral Dragon Wand
Dragon Gargoyle Wand
Fairy Flight Wand
Deluxe Dragon Magick Wand
Dragon Lover Wand
Copper Deluxe Fairy Wand
Twin Fairy Wand
Dragon Magick Staff/Cane with LED
Wizard Goddess Wand
Crystal Earth Dragon Wand
Fairy Folk Wand

Wiccan Wands
and Pagan Wands

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The Black Forest Wand
Pentagram and Stag Wand
Pewter Ornate Wand
Pewter Stone Wand
Pentacle Wand
Pentacle Copper Wand
Pentacle Moon Copper Wand
Pentacle Oak Leaf Copper Wand
Pentacle Triple Moon Copper Wand
Pentagram Crystal Wand
Pentacle Power Wand
Pentacle Witch Wand
Small Ritual Wand
The Basic Wand
The Tree Wand
Bloodstone Wand
Pentacle with Ankh Wand
Traditional Wand
Leopard Rose Wand
Moon Dangle Wand
Sun Burst Wand
Healing Wand
Triple Moon Goddess Wand
Triple Goddess Wand
Spiral Goddess Wand
Goddess Power Wand
Energy Wands
Green Man Wand
Green Man Power Wand
Runic Wand
Oak Leaf Wand
Goddess Moon Wand
Large Broom Spell Wand Set
Broom Spell Wand
Celtic Wisdom Wand
Celtic Power Wand
Brigit Power Wand
Merry Meet Wand
Moon Magick Wand
Green Goddess Wand
Moon Labyrinth Wand
Young Wizard Wand
Witchcraft Power Wand
Druids Memory Wand
Moon Copper Wand
The Spirit Speaker Wand
Traditional Pentagram Wand
Nature Wand Stand
Pentacle Vine Wand
Multi-Wand Stand
Grove Design Wand Stand
Pentacle Goddess Wand
Oak Leaf Pocket Wand
Pentacle Visions Wand
Nile Goddess Wand
Spiral Goddess Crystal Wand
Cretan Snake Goddess Wand
Quan Yin Wand
Willendorf Wand
Mango Stone Wands
Moon Goddess Wand
Witches Pentacle Wand
Witches Casting Wand
Crystal Lunar Wand
Pagan Nature Wand
Wiccan Rites Wand
Oak Magic Wand
Elemental Spiral Wand
World of Spirit Wand
Crescent Moon Wand
Wiccan Wand Ceremonial Pentacle

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Pure Quartz Crystal Wand
Quartz Crystal Wand
Pure Amethyst Wand
Amethyst Crystal Wand
Pure Rose Quartz Wand
Rose Quartz Crystal Wand
Pure Hematite Wand
Wood Crystal Wand
The Crystal Wand
Moonstone Crystal Wand
Rosewood Wand
Pure Malachite Wand
Wiccan Power Selenite Wands
Willow Wands
Maple Wands
Apple Wands
Ash Wands
Oak Wands
Walnut Wands
Bacote Wands
Tulipwood Wands
Canarywood Wands
Cocobolo Wands
Rainbow Fluorite Wand
Bloodstone Energy Wand
Amethyst Energy Wand
Carnelian Energy Wand
Wooden Multi-Wand Stand
Shimmer Wand
Pure Bloodstone Wand
Ruby Zoisite Deluxe Wand
Kyanite Deluxe Wand
Rose Quartz Energy Wand
Sacred Spiral Wand
7 Chakras Wand
Moonstone Healing Wand
Emerald Healing Wand
Energy Reflexology Wand
Selenite Wand
Golden Quartz Wand / Massage Wand
Black Onyx Wand / Massage Wand
Raw Selenite Wand
Chakra Stone Wand with Pouch
White Howlite Wands
Black Jet Wands
Labradorite Intuition Wand
Deluxe Chakra Wands
Triple Wand
Acorn Wiccan Wand
Invoker's Wooden Wand
Energy Quartz Crystal Wand
Chakra Stone Shaft Wand
Rainbow Stone Wand
Amethyst Psychic Wand
Quartz Rounded Wand
Skull Crystal Wand
Gemstone Wand Set

More Great Wands
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The Chakra Wand
Crystal Chakra Wand
Bast Wand
Eye of Horus Scarab Wand
Isis Power Wand
Rainstick Wands and Staff
Crystal Pointer Wand
Serpent Wand
Elemental Wands
Elemental Power Wand
Yemaya Shell Wand
Large Celestial Wand
Avalon Wand
Troll Wand
Owl Wand
Velvet Wand Bag
Antler Stag Wand
Guardian Wand Stand
Dark One Staff/Cane
Dark Magic Staff/Wand
Bast Energy Wand
Egyptian Energy Wand
Opalite Pink Massage / Ritual Wand
Opalite White Massage / Ritual Wand
Ocean Mother Wand
Sacred Snake Wand
Phoenix Snake Wand
Tir Na Nog Element Wands
Egyptian Cobra Scepter Wand
Mini Copper Chakra Wand
Chakra Prism Wand
Body Worker's Chakra Wand
Pentagram Wand Bag
Shaman Wand / Stick
Chakra Spiral Wand Bag
Chakra Copper Wand Set
Celestial Wand / Stick
Reaper Staff / Cane
The Ruby Guardian Staff / Cane
Elegua Staff
Dragon Dark Cane/Staff
Dark Ways Cane/Staff
Wolf Extendable Cane
Dark Ram Skull Extendable Cane
Skull Extendable Cane
Skull Magic Staff/Cane with LED
Copper Summoning Wand
Sacred Owl Wand
Chakra Wand Set
The Love Wand
Copper Energy Wand
Chamber Wand
Ritual Practice Wand
Shaman Wand
Raven Cane/Staff
Egyptian Cobra Cane/Staff

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