Wax and Water Rite

A Chapter from the Introductory Lesson of
    The Complete Homestudy Course in Witchcraft

Some say the best readings are from tarot cards or runes. Directions for these will be discussed in later lessons. For me, however, the wax and water method works best. Though it may take some practice to become very effective, it is an easy process to learn. This too was my first divination tool.

You Will Need:

One white candle
(Use the same candle every time you use this rite.)
(When the candle runs out, simply get a new one and do the same.)
Matches or lighter
Your charged black bowl or cauldron
(filled with water)

Example Setup:

Wax & Water Rite

Perform STEP ONE, Meditation.
Light your white candle and state out loud what you need to know.
Hold the candle tilted over the bowl of water so the wax drips into the bowl.
Watch the wax and look for symbols it might form.
When you see one, stop.
(such as an owl, house, heart, etc.)
The drippings may even clearly spell out the answer using letters or numbers.
In this case, continue until the letters or numbers stop.
After you have a symbol, you must interpret it.
(Only you can do this - I can tell you what an owl means to me,
but it may mean something entirely different to you.)
Simply take the symbol and consider what it means to you.
Such as an owl might mean sight, luck, beauty, money, etc. to you.
If it spells out letters or numbers, you may not have to do any interpreting.
Practice this, and you should become very effective at it.

© Copyright 1997, Abaxion. All Rights Reserved.

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