Runes are a magical alphabet of symbols used for healing, divination and in a variety of charms and invocations. According to myth, the runes were created by Norse God Odin, also known as Woden or Wotan, the one one-eyed chief of gods and god of wisdom and war. Odin gained the forbidden, mystical knowledge of the runes by impaling himself with his own spear to Wggdrasil, the world tree, for nine days and nights. Runic symbols have been discovered in rock carvings and dating back to prehistoric Neolithic and bronze ages. The early druids may also have been familiar with runes.

Witching Stones: Symbols Of The Ancient Craft

This learning tool for novice Witches is also an effective divination method for advanced practitioners. As you learn the meanings of the 35 Witching Stones - marked with symbols of traditional Witchcraft, modern Wicca, and other pagan beliefs - your understanding of the Craft will grow. With the stones in your pocket, you can discreetly cast spells and perform rituals anywhere. The accompanying 144-page book gives the meaning and use of each symbol, several divination methods, and spells for all occasions. 35 stones, pouch, book.

Item #: WSTONES, Price: $29.95

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