The Witches' Way: Priciples, Rituals, Beliefs
by Farrar

This book is an essential text for any student of the Craft. It is the most comprehensive and revealing work on the practices, rituals and beliefs of modern witchcraft since Gerald Gardner`s influential but unpublished `Book of Shadows` triggered the revival movement in the 1950s. The Farrars complete the work begun in Eight Sabbats for Witches. The Witches` Way gives in full the first, second and third degree initiation rites, the consecration rites, and the many non-ritual passages of the of the ` Book of Shadows`, with detailed notes and comments. The authors also give several interesting rituals of their own. The rest of the book explains what the Craft is all about - ` the reasons behind the reasons`. It covers everything from the rationale of witchcraft to reincarnation; from ethics to sex; from symbolism to spells; from astral projection to psychic healing; from clairvoyance to witchcraft`s place in today`s world.

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