Fragrance first affects us through the sense of smell. However, the vibratory effects of various odors differ radically. Just as various emotions and thoughts change the colors of the aura, so do different scents. The psychic body is the seat of our emotions and is thus strongly affected by fragrance.

Escential Essences
Premium Stick & Cone Incenses
Escential Essences incense is a high quality, hand made favorite.
16 long burning sticks or cones in each package.
They contain all natural ingredients and are produced cruelty free.

$ 2.99 each

Amber Flame
Used to invoke fire, strengh, courage, protection, success and optimism.
Stick: #Z800S
Cone: #Z800C

Angelic Visions
Used to invoke intuition, ecstasy, purity and mystic knowledge.
Stick: #Z801S
Cone: #Z801C

Buddhist Temple Blend
A mixture of vetivert, cedar, sandalwood and patchouli. Great for harmonizing the soul.
Stick: #Z802S
Cone: #Z802C

Casablanca Lily
A beautiful fragrance for love and romance.
Stick: #Z803S
Cone: #Z803C

Ebony Opium
A fragrance for invoking dreams and visions, astral travel and psychic abilities.
Stick: #Z804S
Cone: #Z804C

A fragrance for the mind, body, spirit, vitality and raw energy.
Stick: #Z805S
Cone: #Z805C

Frankincense and Myrrh
A fragrance for consecration, purifying, chanting, offerings, blessings.
Stick: #Z806S
Cone: #Z806C

Fruit of Desire
A fragrance for erotica, dreams, fantasies and passion.
Stick: #Z807S
Cone: #Z807C

Ivory Lace
Used to invoke air, ultra-conciousness, memory, communication and reason.
Stick: #Z808S
Cone: #Z808C

Jamaican Vanilla
A fragrance for happiness, harmony, joy, heaven and being free.
Stick: #Z809S
Cone: #Z809C

Kachina Dreams
A mixture of sacred sage and cedar. A fragrance for ceremonial magic, hypnotic dances and astral travel.
Stick: #Z810S
Cone: #Z810C

A fragrance for love, happiness and fertility.
Stick: #Z811S
Cone: #Z811C

Mayan Temple Blend
A mixture of patchouli and rose. A fragrance for discovering secrets, lost arts, astral planes and general temple use.
Stick: #Z812S
Cone: #Z812C

Mountain Wildberry
A fragrance for joy, festivals, friends, romance and love.
Stick: #Z813S
Cone: #Z813C

Mystic Forest
Used to invoke Earth, grounding, balance and blessing.
Stick: #Z814S
Cone: #Z814C

Ocean Atlantis
Used to invoke water, creation and secrets.
Stick: #Z815S
Cone: #Z815C

Orange Blossom
A fragrance for harmony, union, confidence and success.
Stick: #Z816S
Cone: #Z816C

Premium Patchouli
A fragrance for passion, energy and general temple use.
Stick: #Z817S
Cone: #Z817C

A fragrance for prosperity, money, success, wealth and general well-being.
Stick: #Z818S
Cone: #Z818C

A mixture of sacred cedar and lavender. Used for cleansing, banishing negativity, harmony and spirits.
Stick: #Z819S
Cone: #Z819C

Rain Goddess
A fragrance for pleasure, serenity and relaxation.
Stick: #Z820S
Cone: #Z820C

Red Ginger
A fragrance for wealth, good fortune, strength and general well-being.
Stick: #Z821S
Cone: #Z821C

Royal African Violet
A fragrance for animal spirits, strength, wisdom and knowledge.
Stick: #Z822S
Cone: #Z822C

A fragrance for meditation, peace, protection and temple cleansing.
Stick: #Z823S
Cone: #Z823C

A fragrance for charging, protection and general temple use.
Stick: #Z824S
Cone: #Z824C

A fragrance for mystic powers, protection, spirits and ancestors.
Stick: #Z825S
Cone: #Z825C

Summer Solstice
A fragrance for rejoicing and bringing the warmth of summer.
Stick: #Z826S
Cone: #Z826C

A fragrance for attraction, passion, erotica, sensuality and the heart.
Stick: #Z827S
Cone: #Z827C

Tibetan Musk
A fragrance for inspiration, transformation and divine truth.
Stick: #Z828S
Cone: #Z828C

A fragrance for relaxation, peace and euphoria.
Stick: #Z829S
Cone: #Z829C

Tribal Coconut
A fragrance for blessing, contentment and paradise.
Stick: #Z830S
Cone: #Z830C

Tropical Rain
A fragrance for healing, growth and transformation.
Stick: #Z831S
Cone: #Z831C

Venus Rose
A fragrance for love, romance, affection and passion.
Stick: #Z832S
Cone: #Z832C

White Jasmine
A fragrance for purification, confidence and rejuvenation.
Stick: #Z833S
Cone: #Z833C

Winter Solstice
A fragrance for security, safety, family and the winter.
Stick: #Z834S
Cone: #Z834C

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